4 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money from Your Talents

4 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money from Your Talents

Talent is a natural endowment bestowed on everyone by God. It’s the beautiful gift given to a person by God, in order to enrich his/her life. Maya Angelou once said, “I believe that every person is born with talent.” 

Talent is innate in every human, so no one can claim that he/she doesn’t have one. However, it is quite surprising to see that many do not know how to, while some haven’t considered maximising their talents. The truth is this: if everyone would greatly utilise his/her talents, they would make maximal profit. 

However, there are some who know their talents, use it but still aren’t rich. They live in abject poverty when raw gold is in their hands. If you’re reading this and you aren’t making money from your talents, below are four major reasons why. 

You haven’t discovered what your talent is

One major reason you probably aren’t making money from your talent is because you haven’t found it out yet. Talent can be likened to gold buried in the ground, which has the ability to make you very rich but can’t because it remains hidden the ground. You can’t utilise your talent and make money from it if you don’t even know what it is. What is that thing you know how to do best, which you do with very little or no stress? Discover it today and maximise it to yield much profit.   

You haven’t cultivated your talent 

Some have discovered their talent but still aren’t making money from it. Why? Because they haven’t worked on it. Yes! Talent, just like raw gold, needs to be refined before it can yield profit. Merely having a fine and beautiful voice doesn’t automatically make you a professional singer. You need to spend quality time training your voice and engaging in much practice for you to become the professional singer whom anyone and everyone will be willing to listen to and pay. 

Invest in your talent and watch it bloom. Just like a seed that needs to be planted, watered and provided with necessary nutrients on regularly for it to flourish, so should your talent be cultivated with due diligence and sacrifice. 

What are your talents? Are you developing them? You need to cultivate your talent for you to make money from it. 

Talent is not enough 

Shocked? But it’s the truth; talent is not enough. Added to your talent should also be passion and grit plus dedication and commitment. No one is going to pay to watch, listen or pay attention to someone who hasn’t paid the price to improve on his talent. Or would you spend your time and money to listen to a show anchored by someone who hasn’t perfected his public speaking skills? I’m very certain your answer is a big no. 

The fact that you’re good at something does not mean making money out of it would come very easy. You need passion to keep you going. You need dedication and commitment to keep you training in order to perfect your skill. 

You haven’t identified your target audience 

Note this: every talent has an audience. Until you discover yours and act in accordance, you may continue to struggle hard working on your talent yet make very little yield from it. Showcasing your talent to the wrong audience is like putting a square peg into a round hole. It’s a misfit. 

You need to identify the set and category of people who need and are interested in what you have to offer and then, pitch your talent to them using the right medium to get their attention. 

All these are reasons why you are probably not making money and profit from your talent. Are you in this situation? Are you ready to begin to maximize your talent to its highest profiting potential, then here is a course for you!

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