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Congratulations! You now have unlimited access to all TEBEBA courses and the latest updates from TEBEBA Academy!

TEBEBA is a registered company in Nigeria and the USA, committed to helping individuals become profitable writers, authors, publishers, graphics designers, and professionals. TEBEBA’s services have met both the Nigerian and US standards, making it the ideal company to associate with for your personal and professional growth.
Also through our TEBEBA Academy brand, we’ve trained and equipped hundreds of individuals all over the world. 
And as part of our commitment to your growth journey, TEBEBA Academy is now offering you a membership service that gives you unlimited access to TEBEBA Academy courses, enabling you to benefit from its value at your convenience. This offer is not too good to be true – you’re not dreaming!

A TEBEBA Academy membership subscription enables you to:

As a member, you'll be the first to know about available TEBEBA Academy trainings, eliminating the need to look out for updates. Moreover, you'll have access to a range of courses, including:

* How to Start a Profitable Publishing Business in Nigeria with less or no Experience, worth N75,000
* Book Publishing Masterclass, worth N21,000
* TEBEBA Design Hub, worth N50,000
* Amazon Kindle Publishing Mastery, worth N25,000
* The Writer’s Cashflow Blueprint, worth N10,000
* International Online Book Distribution Course, worth N35,000
* Writer’s Block Crusher Course, worth N3,500
* Write Like a Pro Bootcamp, worth N10,000
* Book Marketing Masterclass, worth N10,500
* Earn from your Talent Masterclass, worth N5,500
* Purpose Masterclass, worth N5,500
* WhatsApp Monetization Masterclass, worth N5,500
* Facebook Monetization Mastery, worth N5,000
* Online Money Making Strategies Course, worth N16,500
* How to Sell and Close Masterclass, worth N5,500
* Copywriting Mastery 101, worth N6,500
* Copywriting Mastery 102, worth N7,500
* Relationship Mastery, worth N5,500
* Book Title Mastery, worth N5,000
And more
Rather than paying over a million naira for all TEBEBA Academy courses, the membership subscription saves you 99% on the original price.
But wait, there’s more. Upon subscribing, you’ll receive a unique membership ID that ensures only you can enjoy your membership benefits. 
Additionally, an accountability reminder will motivate you to explore all the learning benefits as a member, no matter how much of a procrastinator you are. 
Moreover, TEBEBA Academy issues a recognized certificate upon completion of each course. 
You’ll also have access to interview sessions with global leaders and webinar recordings at your convenience. 
Finally, TEBEBA Academy provides resources that facilitate daily growth as a writer, book publisher, online entrepreneur, online marketer, graphics designer, personal development expert, coach, and an author. 
Becoming a TEBEBA Academy member is an investment in your future without running at a loss. And there are more benefits you tend to enjoy. 

What are the other benefits you enjoy as a member of TEBEBA Academy?

* Skill development: TEBEBA Academy courses are designed to help you acquire new skills and improve your existing ones. You don’t have to be born with a skill to excel, the courses at TEBEBA Academy are sufficient to make you a skilled person.
* Improved financial life: If you master the courses at TEBEBA Academy, people will easily pay for your knowledge which will automatically improve your financial life. You will be able to earn from the skills you acquire and become financially stable.
* Increased relevance: Knowledge makes you useful and relevant, that is exactly what TEBEBA courses will do for you. You will be useful to yourself and the people around you.
* Irreplaceable: The valuable people that are celebrated in the world today are people who have taken courses and become professionals in their field. The courses you will have access to as a member of TEBEBA have been designed to make you irreplaceable.
* Influence: The courses on TEBEBA Academy will position you for a life of influence and impact. If you want to make impact in the life of people and build a life of influence? Then you need to subscribe. 

A TEBEBA Academy membership subscription enables you to:

Subscribing to the TEBEBA Academy membership program is like gold and all you need to upscale. You can activate any of the following membership plan:







Diamond (Recommended)



Upon your membership subscription, you will have access to all the courses in TEBEBA Academy without exclusion.
Yes, you can log in to your membership platform with your smartphone or laptop. Any of the two will not hinder your learning.

This is self-paced learning, so you can complete your course when you’re chanced. You will have access to the courses as long as you’re subscribed.

At TEBEBA Academy, there is always something new and more to improve you consistently. If you’ve completed over 50 courses in TEBEBA Academy, more courses, trainings, newsletters, and growth materials are available.

Yes, after each course, you will be issued a course certificate. This means the total number of certifications you will have is the total number of courses you completed.

Yes, TEBEBA is a well-registered company in Nigeria and the USA, so the certificates are relevant. Feel free to go job hunting with them.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking on the “cancel subscription” icon on your membership dashboard. Your subscription will be cancelled for the next payment plan. However, you might not have a reason to cancel your membership subscription.

You can subscribe for Bronze (1month) (3 months), Gold (6 months), or Platinum (12 months).