4 Self-publishing Myths You Have Believed

4 Self-publishing Myths You Have Believed

Self-publishing is becoming more rampant these days as more people are now than ever taking up the initiative to write and publish books. Self-publishing, for a first-timer, could be a herculean task as it is synonymous to taking a step into the unknown. In addition to this, the popularity of traditional publishing has developed myths which many have been made to believe, thereby limiting them. 

Expressed below, however, are four commonly believed myths, which are not always true:

You can’t make it big if you self-publish.

Although traditional publishers have made a name for themselves and traditional publishing could increase the credibility of one’s book, it doesn’t dispute the fact that a self-published book can also sell, especially in present times. There are several platforms where you can publish your book and make great sales without requiring the services of a traditional publisher. All you need to have is good marketing skills and a welcoming audience to get your book out to. In fact, with self-publishing, you are sure of getting a higher rate of royalties from sales.

Traditionally published books have better quality than self-published books.

This is one myth, which is not totally true. Self-published book can have great qualities just like the traditionally published books too; not all self-published books are of poor quality. All that a self-publisher needs do to ensure that his book is of great quality is to entrust his manuscript to the right and qualified personnel during each stage of the book publishing: editing, project management, typesetting, page design, etc. And this is why Tebeba was created: to meet your all-round publishing needs. Self-published books are now becoming best sellers. Yours can join the league too! 

E-books do not make sales.

Now, this is a real myth! In this digital age, eBooks are one of the favorite options of many readers. There are many platforms where you can publish your eBook, get it printed on demand and market it, all at the same time. Also, you do not need to worry about making money from your eBook, just because it isn’t hardcopy. Besides, it’s a good idea to have your book published in various formats so it can meet the different needs and tastes of your readers and audience. You can also market your eBook online, with the use of social media platforms and email marketing. 

Self-Publishing is costly.

Although with self-publishing, you are the one who sources for the editor, book designer, sales manager, and all other required personnel, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune publishing your book. With self-publishing, you have the flexibility of deciding your own cover design, and get the book ready at your own pace without having to spend as much time, and cost too, which the traditional publisher demands. 

Self-Publishing is now the big catch and is a whole lot easier too! 

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