4 Reasons You Feel Unsatisfied with Life

4 Reasons You Feel Unsatisfied With Life

How do you feel every time you wake up in the morning to begin the day’s work? Unmotivated? Bored? Exasperated? Unexcited? Unsatisfied with life?

Some people live through every day just as the day before; following a routine, with no excitement, no set goals for each day, no anticipation, etc. And so, they act in a doddery manner, their only drive being their need to make ends meet. You may be in this category or you may not. But if you are, what should you do and not do? This is the question this article seeks to answer.

Life satisfaction is what everyone seeks but only a few seem to have found it. People go after satisfaction in different ways and from different sources but forget to ask the question, ‘What is the cause of my unfulfillment in life?’. You can’t solve the problem of dissatisfaction if you do not know its cause. 

Given below are four major reasons why people go through life feeling unsatisfied:


We all have a lot of things that take our attention, but making up a great percentage of these are what I call the non-essentials. So many people daily get occupied with a lot of activities yet feel so dissatisfied and frustrated in life. What this indicates is that satisfaction and fulfilment cannot be derived from the quantity but the quality of what we do, and on their necessity and importance. 

Unsatisfied with life

If there’s one question you need to ask yourself, it is, ‘Am I focusing on the most important things in my life or am I going through life with just anything that comes my way?’. You have to duly scrutinize the things you do and be sure they matter greatly.


Many people tie their happiness to others. They complain every time someone reacts a certain way to them. They base their feelings and emotions on the actions, reactions and inactions of others. You should understand that the key to your happiness in life lies in your hands; no one can tamper with it unless you give the one permission to do so. Never depend on others or seek their approval to make you happy; you will often get disappointed. But let your happiness come from within, not outside. Only happiness from within can stand the test of time. 

Unsatisfied with life


‘She’s already married.’ ‘He has a car.’ ‘She is more beautiful than I am.’ ‘He is more fortunate and opportune than I am.’ ‘I wish I came from his own family.’ 

Comparison is one reason people fail to appreciate their journey and to recognize the good they have. And it’s a major source of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and to a deeper extent, depression. 

Although life doesn’t give us the same fair share, it’s never a guarantee to allow ourselves to feel inferior or superior to another. This is because we all are different and unique. You came into this world alone and this is how you are meant to face life, not constantly competing with another person. We all have our races to run; the moment you begin to compare yourself with another, you start seeping into the realm of dissatisfaction. 


Why would a man who earns millions and have a beautiful family remain unhappy and dissatisfied? Why would a woman who has the best of homes and a good career still wake up every morning tired of life? Why? 

Unsatisfied with life

Lack of Purpose! It is why you do not have the right knowledge of where your life is supposed to be headed. Note it: not where you want to head to but where your life is supposed to be headed. These are two different things. 

Lack of purpose makes your efforts appear futile, like a farmer toiling on infertile soil and expending energy yet reaping nothing in return. 

If you want to live a satisfying life, discover your purpose and begin to live it out. Life is not all about the material possessions you can amass. Ask those who have it and they would explain further—the void they feel even when they thought they had attained and achieved all they desired, especially when their desire was born out of the walls of purpose. You were created for a purpose and without that purpose, your life doesn’t make much of a meaning.

The fourth reason, although the last, is by far the major source of dissatisfaction in humans. When you discover your purpose and take the right steps to fulfil it, be sure that every other thing will fall in place even when your possession says otherwise. If you’ve been dissatisfied with life for so long that you’ve tried all you could to find fulfilment, yet nothing seems to have changed for the better, then try finding purpose; it could be the solution to your problem. 

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