3 Reasons Why Relationships Should Be Given Great Priority

3 Reasons Why Relationships Should Be Given Great Priority

Relationships are a vital area of our lives. It is one crucial subject revolving around every sphere of life. We all were made for each other; every component making up the biosphere, the soil inclusive, needs other elements of nature for its survival and upkeep. In its entirety, relationships make up a vast volume of what’s valuable in our lives. 

Relationship in this context goes beyond romance. It is an all-rounder, encompassing family, friendship, marital and the likes. Even in knowing the vitality of relationship to us as humans, there are persons who do not take it as a course of great value, and as such, have missed out on several life-changing opportunities, remaining confined to their little niche. 

Why then should the path of relationship building and maintenance be trod with great care and importance? Why do relationships matter and are considered as a vital part of human existence? Given below are three reasons why relationships should be given utmost priority.

You are who you surround yourself with.

Nowadays, it seems that nature and other animals understand this better than most humans. But whether you are aware of it or not, you are either indirectly and directly affected by the people around you. The people in your life – those you interact with – have great influence over you. 

High flyers move around with high flyers. Have you ever wondered why royalties prefer to give their children in marriage to those who are also from royal families? It’s because of the belief that royalties have been trained, built to think and behave in a certain way, one that is peculiar to their identity. This is why you should invest greatly in the right relationships. Keep them close, while you do away with the negative ones. Relationships define you. The saying, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,” is not just cliche, it is the truth. 

Relationships determine how far you will go in life. 

Take it or leave it, this is an undebated truth. The people you spend the most of your time with functions to either pull you down or propel you forward. There are things you can’t achieve on your own. No man reaches the pinnacle of success all by himself. He has always had people who helped hold him up, and on the shoulders of those he stood and still stands. This is one reason why having a mentor is one of the ways to climb the stairs and attain the height of success. Why? You can’t do it alone. 

Physical and emotional well-being.

People with strong, healthy relationships have been discovered to live longer and healthier than those without one. They find it easier to deal with stress, cope with challenges, battle obstacles, and live happier because as they say, “a problem shared is one that is half solved”. 

When we don’t give priority to relationships in our lives, we’d end up like ships without a sail; no steering, no sailor, no direction. We’d be left stranded on the sea, moving to no where. This is why relationships must be given not just a priority, but top priority. It matters a lot. 

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