Publishing a book is one of the greatest happenings in our world today. Book publishing is as old as one can think, yet remains relevant even in this age. Almost every successful and renowned human on the earth has authored at least one book. This is because of the significance that publishing a book holds. 

You might probably wonder why publishing a book is important; that is the reason for this article. But first, I want to let you know that writing a book and publishing one are separate entities. Of course, you have to write a book before you can even consider publishing one, but writing alone does not allow for publishing; it is just the beginning of a long road. You may have well been writing manuscripts upon manuscripts and stacking them in your bookshelf for reasons best known to you. But does this qualify you as an author? Less likely. 

Why then should you publish a book? Why should those stacked up manuscripts on your bookshelf be transformed into books ready to change the course of certain events in the world today? Why should the already built up ideas and principles in you be divulged for all to hear and probably adopt?

Stated below are four reasons why you should publish a book: 

It increases your credibility and prestige

Published authors have always been held in high regard by the majority. If you claim to be knowledgeable and proficient in your field without having a book to your name, you might just be likened to a graduate without a certificate. People only acknowledge you as an expert in your field when you have standard proof to show for it. Anyone who writes a book on a particular field is believed to have vast knowledge and experience in that field. It increases the trust and confidence level placed on you by everyone who hears or comes in contact with you or your book. 

It allows you to continuously add value

How many books have you read that have greatly impacted and transformed your life? I would assume a lot. And I can point to you that you were not the first to read those, neither will you be the last. The books serve their purpose of adding value to anyone privileged to read them. Now, what if those books were never written or published? 

Publishing a book is one sure way to live a fulfilled life especially when you provide apt information that can transform and enrich lives. 

When you publish a book, you impact knowledge and enrich so many lives you may never have reached by merely living in your niche.

It is a viable and long-lasting source of income 

Book publishing has now become a viable source of income for published authors. In fact, it is one of the numerous ways people make money nowadays. You only have to write the book once, and afterwards, it becomes a lasting source of income for you.

It allows you to reach a larger audience 

Books have the potency of travelling miles and over continents, crossing over seas and flying through the air. They can reach places the authors may have never thought to reach – in palaces and austere homes, read both by nobles and by obscures. That’s one of the powers of books: they have wide coverage, reaching a larger audience, far more than the author can ever think of reaching.   

If you have a message, then you should publish a book. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter your age or status, publishing a book is something anyone can do, including you. To know the necessary steps involved, check here.

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