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Purpose Masterclass

Do you believe in the subject of purpose but you don’t just know how to live a purpose-driven life? This course will show you how.

The difference between your “HERE” and “THERE” is CLARITY! Discover yourself and clarify your purpose by taking this course.

₦5,500.00  ₦28,000.00

Course Description

Are You Confused About The Subject Of ‘Purpose’ And How To Live A Purpose-Driven Life? Having You Been Worried About How To Discover Your True Self? Are You Unclear About The Path To Tread In Life?

If Your Answer To Those Questions Is YES, Then This Course Is For YOU!



-Living a life of fulfilment with your dreams no longer staring at you in fear; but with confidence, achieving them one after the other.
-Waking to see people seeking mentorship, on realising how far and good you’re going.
-Changing the world around you by being a source of inspiration to hopeless individuals.
-Looking at all you’ve got and been happy at your choice of career.
-Reviewing your past and being grateful for how successful you’ve become.

YOU DESIRE ALL THESE, But right now, you can’t even think straight because:

– You don’t know where to start from.
– Your career changes skin like a chameleon and you don’t know which to settle for.
– Your relationship is not taking a good shape.
– You have tried many plans without success.
– You change relationship partners too often.
– Your colleagues are being promoted and you can’t even figure yourself out.
– You are unhappy because you feel your life has no meaning.
– You feel envious when you see others achieving goals, but you don’t know what to do. 


If this is you, worry no more; we understand:


This problem is not unique to you alone. Emmanuel Olatunji, the facilitator of this course, has actually been there. Before he began his journey to exceptionality, he wasn’t clear about his purpose. 
He didn’t even have clarity as to how to live a purpose-driven life until he finally got to learn the principles and strategies he taught in this course. 


Each Module Contains A Step-By-Step Guide, Strategies, Formulas, Templates And Activities That Will Help You Achieve Results.


Module 1: Learn exactly what purpose is about and the practical steps to discovering your own purpose.

Module 2: Learn the various principles of purpose which will make you a purpose discovery expert.

Module 3 & 4: Learn the power of purpose discovery and how you can use this power to achieve greater results in your life.

Module 5: Learn the practical steps to living a purpose-driven life.

See What Chidinma Agali Said After Taking The Course…


I knew something was missing in my life which I needed clarity on. I had no regrets registering for the Purpose Masterclass because I was able to understand certain things that I was ignorant of. Now my life has gotten a new shape indeed and my money wasn’t of any waste.

By Taking This Course You Get…


– Chances to access yourself as you learn through classwork.
– Opportunity to use things around you for easy learning.
– Get answers to your long time questions.
– Get lifetime access to the learning materials.
– Learn from other people’s life experiences.
– Learn at your own pace and space.
– With just an internet connection, learn life-changing strategies.
– Learn biblical secrets that you can relate with.
– Get certified at the successful competition of the course. 

Ready to begin your journey of purpose?


The Purpose Masterclass Is A Course Specially Designed For Everyone. However, If You’re One Of Those Who Are Already Frustrated By The Pace Of Their Growth, You Needn’t Give Up. This Course Is Specifically Designed For You.

Understand how to live a purpose-driven life and watch your life turn around for the best.

Price: 5,500 Naira ONLY

Read what Dorcas Mercy has to say after taking this course:


Mr. Paul Ayomide also took this course and said this:


Yes, it can. It will lead you into understanding what purpose is and discovering yours.

Once you register for the course, you have lifetime access to the course.

Yes, once you pay, you have access to the course twenty four/seven.

Yes, there are questions and answers section in every module in the course.

Yes, you can. That is why this course comes with a certificate to prove that you have carefully gone through it.

Go ahead and take this course now

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