Tolani sat dejectedly on the sofa. She was tired and frustrated. All efforts to find a profitable job that matched her qualifications and credentials proved abortive. 

‘God, when am I going to come out of this?’ She sighed. 

Her desperation rose to its peak this morning when as she wanted to purchase foodstuff for the week, she discovered the money she had on her was not enough at all. In times past, the foodstuff that had sustained her were the ones she got upon visiting her aunt.

This morning, she was hungry and couldn’t imagine going to her aunt’s place just because of food. She stared at her bank balance, shaking her head in dismay. 

‘I need a miracle,’ she mumbled. 

There was a knock on the door. ‘Who’s there?’ she called out.

‘Kenny,’ came the reply.

Tolani opened her mouth in surprise and shame. Firstly, Kenny was a very good friend who had travelled oversees for her master’s degree and had just returned after competing her studies. Secondly, Tolani felt ashamed because she had nothing to offer her friend, and she couldn’t think of what to do. 

Tolani screamed in delight, opening the door. It was a delight seeing Kenny again after so many years. They exchanged pleasantries and eventually, Tolani had to narrate her ordeal to her friend. 

‘You don’t mean it!’ Kenny blurted in disbelief. 

‘That’s how it is o. There’s no job I haven’t applied for.’ Tolani sighed, staring up at the ceiling.

‘Even with your first class certificate?’

‘Hmmm, let’s forget about that for now.’

‘But Tolani, you know what to do. You’re the one hindering yourself.’

‘How? What else should I do that I haven’t done? Tell me.’

‘What happened to those clothes you used to sew then and even your public speaking? You’ve forgotten you were our orator back in school then.’

‘Ehn, what about those? What are they supposed to do to me?’

‘That’s where you’re missing it. These talents you have are the gold in your hands that you’ve failed to refine to bring value and wealth to you. Do you know how many people make money just from speaking alone? Even abroad, fashion designers are hot cake! And this is something you’re allowing to slip right out of your fingers.’

‘But how do I go about it? How do I earn from my talents?’

‘Yes, that is the next step. There are many things I can tell you, but I have an exclusive offer for you.’

‘Really? Please tell me. What is it?’

‘Have you heard of Tebeba Academy before? They offer a course, Earn From Your Talent. You can’t remain this way again after taking that course.’

‘Is that so? What am I waiting for then? How much is it?’

‘It’s just N5,500 but don’t worry, I’ll pay for you.’

‘Awwwn, thank you very much, Kenny. I’m grateful,’ she said, hugging her friend. 

‘What are friends for?’

Everyone has been blessed with a talent from God. Your talent is the gold He has placed in your hands to give you prosperity and success. Only few have been able to crack the code on how to harness the talents they have for profit, sustainability, and value. 

Here are a 4 ways to get gold from your talents:

  1. Teach and Improve the knowledge of others: Impart the knowledge of the talent you have. Don’t just keep it to yourself. You’d be amazed how many people are willing and ready to pay for what you love to do.
  2. Offer Consultation Services: Yes! You can consult for others in that area of skill you have gained expertise on. There’s a whole lot of money you can get from this, especially when you’ve done your part in improving your mastery.
  3. Practise it: When I say practise it, I mean begin to perform. You may be good at talking, why not engage in public speaking? Why waste it aimlessly just gisting with friends? Or you might have artistic skill, start painting or drawing or designing and sell your products.
  4. In the course Earn From Your Talent, you’ll be introduced to all you need to know about discovering your talent and maximising it for impact and profit. You can enrol for the course here. For other resources to boost your skills and competencies, log on to TEBEBA PUBLISHING SITE here

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