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Copy the strategies and processes that I have never shared before to start a profitable publishing business in Nigeria, regardless of experience.

Are you passionate about becoming a book publisher and ready to do so?

  • Are you already a book publisher, but want to know how to scale up and earn more income? 
  • Are you nervous because you feel that your customers do not value you and are unwilling to pay for your services?
  • Are you convinced you have what it takes to be a great publisher, but you don’t just know how to go about it? 
  • Do you provide top-notch book publishing services, but you are afraid to charge for your services? 
  • Or do you just want to learn how to leverage the power of technology to expand your book publishing business and get to work with clients around the world? 

Then I want to empower you to start your profitable book publishing business from scratch, whether or not you have experience. 

My online group coaching session will take you from dreaming of becoming a publisher to truly becoming a highly profitable publisher.


Dear friend, I'm Emmanuel Olatunji, the exceptional being.

I’ve been a book publisher for four years now. I’m the founder and CEO TEBEBA, the fastest growing publishing firm in Africa, and also the Lead Tutor of TEBEBA Academy. 

After publishing my very first book in 2016 and my second book in 2017, I started getting requests from people asking me to help them publish their book. This is how I founded TEBEBA. Since then, I’ve published hundreds of books for people in different parts of the world. 

I’ve worked with clients from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, India, Australia, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria etc. I helped different authors realize their book publishing dreams, and I helped many authors earn millions from their books. 

However, as a publisher who wants a more prosperous publishing industry, especially in Africa, I am not always happy to see publishers struggling or authors complaining that publishers cannot deliver. 

Believe me, I’ve encountered several authors complaining about how a publisher messed up their work and how they lost money in the process. 

Whenever I hear such a story, it hurts, and that’s when it dawned on me to launch this coaching session where I can hold publishers or would-be publishers by the hand, so that they can do publishing the right way, thereby helping more authors to realize their dreams and also making more money for themselves. That’s exactly what gave birth to this online coaching session.

My life practically took a different turn when I ventured into book publishing.

Top view of pensive black student with short hairstyle, makes plans of preparation for exam, uses co

I was able to help hundreds of people to become successful authors

I was able to scale my income and move my family into a beautiful and tastefully built 4-bedroom duplex.

Upscale Homes
Primary School Building

I was able to put my sons (my son and sister’s son) into a prestigious private school. 

I was able to employ more staff, thereby reducing the unemployment rate in the country. 

Man giving presentation in boardroom

I was able to publish and print my first voluminous book worth millions of Naira, to help make more impact in people’s lives. 

To launch a profitable publishing business is the desire of many publishers and potential publishers, but not many can crack the code. Some people tried various methods but encountered frustration because they got confused in the process. 

Many potential publishers are frightened by the frustrating statement that the publishing business is unrealistic and difficult to manage. Many people are willing to learn, but who do they learn from?

The journey of becoming an ACCOMPLISHED and MONEY-MAKING PUBLISHER may be tough for most people, but it shouldn’t be for you because you have encountered this group coaching session. 

FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME in the world of book publishing, I’ll be giving out a complete-package that would open you to EVERYTHING you need to know about PUBLISHING, from zero experience to becoming an expert.

If you still want to know why you need to register for this coaching session, let me ask you this:

Are you aware that according to a research conducted, the book publishing industry is worth over 258 billion dollars? 

I mean 258 billion US dollars!

Now imagine if you can only earn 1 percent from that industry, you’d never be broke again for life.

What else? Do you know that there are a thousand and one people out there begging you to take their money just for you to help them publish their books? 

I speak based on experience. Four years have passed, and I know how lucrative this business is. This is exactly why I launched this coaching session on How To Start Your Own Profitable Book Publishing Business in Nigeria.

I launched this group coaching session to empower anyone with the passion and burning desire to start their own profitable book publishing business.

Especially for people like me who don’t have any prior business experience or any idea of where to start or how to scale up, this group coaching session will teach you how to launch and scale your book publishing business. 

You will learn all the strategies, lessons, systems and tools that you will need to achieve this. 

If you are like me, you are not looking to become a millionaire overnight. You just want to better serve potential authors and live comfortably while doing it.

So this course is for you if...

What's inside this group coaching session?

I'm so glad you asked...

Session 1: Before You Venture Into A Book Publishing Business In Nigeria

Learn the practical things you need to know before you venture into a book publishing business in Nigeria. I will share with you the mistakes I made at the beginning and how you can avoid making same mistakes. 

Session 2: Ten Different Types of Book Publishing Business You Should Know

Find out the ten different types of book publishing business that most people don't know and talk about. You'll be amazed at the different types of book publishing business anyone can venture into.

Session 3: How To Decide What Kind Of Book Publishing Business You Should Do

Learn how to strategically create your own blue ocean in the publishing industry and attract clients who will consistently pay you. 

Session 4: How To Register Your Business Legally In Nigeria With CAC

Learn the step-by-step guide to register your book publishing business in Nigeria (This session will be handled by someone who has registered many businesses & organizations).

Session 5: How To Legally Protect Your Publishing Business In Nigeria

Learn the vital things you need to know to protect your business. This session will be handled by a seasoned lawyer.

Session 6: How To Register ISBN Through Library Board of Nigeria & Assign Barcode For Authors

Learn how to register ISBN for your clients and assign barcode to books. Some people are focusing on this alone and they're cashing out steadily. I will be showing you how you can.

Session 7: How To Become Number One In Your Industry As A Publisher

Learn the step-by-step guide to becoming the number 1 in your niche as a publisher. 

Session 8: How To Advertise Your Publishing Business For Maximum Profitability

Find out the practical strategies that will help you have more clients and make more money to yourself. 

Session 9: How To Price Your Products & Services for Maximum Profitability

Know how to price your product and services. I will share with you the step by step guide I use in sealing deals worth millions. 

Session 10: Top Dangerous Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Publishing Business & How To Avoid Them.

Avoid making dangerous mistakes that can make you go broke and ultimately send you out of business. I will share with you how to avoid making all these mistakes. 

Hear what those who I've published for have to say about my services...

Now, if my clients can evaluate my service like this, imagine me sharing all my knowledge and strategies with you! Literally, I’ve thought of everything that will help you start and launch your own profitable book publishing business. Through this coaching session, you will know how to make the right moves, in the right order, at the right time! 

It doesn’t make sense to spend countless weeks, months or years trying to figure this out on your own. Especially if you’re like me in the beginning and you don’t have money or time to waste.

I firmly believe you can hone the same expertise and professionalism overtime. 

For you to become wealthy and accomplished in publishing even though you know next to nothing about it, I have packaged this great group coaching session, just for YOU. 

This is the first ever kind of group coaching session that would expose the pros and cons that is entailed in publishing.


Well, let me ask you: how much do you think this highly valuable group coaching session should cost?

I can assure you that this coaching session is what most people spend years of learning and high sum to achieve. And as an accomplished author and publisher, I know how valuable and precious this information is.

But this is a great offer that promises to change your financial and professional life for good.

This course is valued at NGN250000 Naira 

However, I’m giving it to you for NGN35000 ONLY!

How cool is that!

Here's everything you are going to get

Here are answers to your questions

No, you will not be going through it alone. You will be receiving live coaching with me and other seasoned trainers throughout the period of the coaching session. 

It starts by 16th – 18th July, 2021.

Yes, after the coaching session is over, you will be added to an exclusive WhatsApp group where you will get close mentoring for three months. 

Yes, you don’t have to have prior knowledge to start a profitable publishing firm. I had zero knowledge when I started too. This coaching session will show you everything. 

I don’t know when next I will be launching this group coaching session on this exact topic again. So I strongly advise you to register for this if you desire to start a profitable publishing business. 

Anyone who is interested in starting a profitable publishing business, whether online or offline. No experience required. 

No, you don’t need to be in the publishing business to register for this session.

Yes, you can. This coaching session is specifically for those who desire to start a profitable publishing business. If you are game for this, then you are fit for this coaching session. 

This coaching session is exclusively online. 

Since this is a knowledge-based coaching session and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, this group coaching session is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. 


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