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Book Publishing for Businesses and Individuals

Are you considering publishing your book but are lost on what steps to take? No more worries! We’ve got you covered!

We satisfy your desire to release your work to the world, both fiction and nonfiction.

We make you a proud author by helping you publish a book that can compete on a global standard, through our exceptional publishing package which includes:

Cover Design

With the aid of our team of excellent graphic experts, we give your book a world-class book cover design. If you want to succeed with your book, it’s important you don’t toy with its cover. At TEBEBA, our cover designs make our authors sell their books effortlessly.

Inner Layout Design

We design and lay out your book in formats suitable for the content of your book, thereby making it easier for your readers to grasp its core message.

Formatting & Converting

We also format your book and convert it to different formats such as PDF and Epub.

ISBN Registration

Every book should have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). At TEBEBA, we take the stress off you and help you procure an ISBN for your book through the National Library Board (As a full-fledged publishing firm, we are registered under the Library Board).

Barcode Issuance

Without a registered barcode, it will be difficult to sell your book in a bookstore, especially internationally. Hence, TEBEBA helps issue a barcode for your book for easy sales.

E-flyers & Mock-ups

We’ll present you with two different mock-ups and an e-flyer for online promotions.

Online Publication & Distribution on Sites Like Amazon etc

After creatively birthing your book, we won’t stop there. But we will have your book published on Amazon Kindle and other online bookstores.

Online Marketing & Promotion Across Our Social Media Platforms

One major challenge authors face is promoting their books online, which is also known as online marketing. At TEBEBA, we keep talking about the books of authors we publish for, thereby keeping them connected to their ideal audience.

Interview on Our Facebook Community of thousands of Writers and Thought Leaders Across the Globe

We’ll also have an interview with you to help promote your book and create awareness about the awesomeness you’ve just birthed.


I not only loved it, I adored and cherished the entire process from the birth of the idea to editing to cover design… TEBEBA Publisher is the best company I’ve ever worked with in Nigeria, and I will recommend them anytime any day; to anyone who wants to make his or her dreams come alive by writing a book.
Madame MerolaAuthor of Gold Digger
Madame Merola
One of the reasons I’d delayed writing my book was that I didn’t know which publishing firm to use. I didn’t want a case whereby my readers would doubt my writing prowess through the layouts, structuring and every other detail. But on meeting the experts at TEBEBA, my fear flew away. Their works speak louder than their words. I have no regrets publishing with TEBEBA.
Paul AyomideAuthor of My Advice to Undergraduates: Have FUN
Paul Ayomide
The team at TEBEBA worked tiredlessly to see to the complete publication of my book. They were even involved in the official book launch. They go far and beyond what you even expect. I will be working with them in future.
Peter OlojeAuthor of C-Myth
Peter Oloje



Gain more financial rewards for your efforts

In traditional publishing, your publisher keeps most of the profits and pays royalties that are usually below 30% or thereabout. But with us, you keep all your profits; we only recover the cost of publishing, nothing more.

Retain all the rights to your book

The copyright and every other right associated with publication are yours.

We carry out the legal steps necessary to protect your intellectual property.

We apply practical insights and tools to get your book in front of your readers.

Support Group

By choosing us, you will gain free entry into our exclusive group of TEBEBA authors; where we provide exclusive supports to our clients, in order to help them make more impact and build wealth with their books.

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When you contact us, we’ll have a chat with you to learn more about your project and expectations. You may also need to send us your manuscript for proper review. Afterwards, we’ll send you a quotation of the publishing cost.


After payment, we’ll get to work. Your book pages will be designed, structured, and formatted; while your book cover will also be brilliantly designed. At the completion of the job, we will send you a preview of the product to ensure it meets your taste.

Publishing Online/Printing

Ebooks: Subsequently, we’ll upload your book on popular bookstores like Amazon Kindle.

Print: We have two book printing packages — Mass Production and Print on Demand. We will make your book available in prints, depending on which package you go for.


We make your ebook available on any online platform you desire. For your printed copies, we leverage Social Media and websites to help with distribution across cities and states in Nigeria, thereby getting your books into as many hands as possible.

You want to join our league of authors?

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