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Effective Writing Mastery

Would you like to become an influential and effective writer? Then this is the first course you should have taken and the last course you’ll ever need to master the effectiveness of your writing skills.

6,500.00  32,500.00

Amazing Course


Course Description

– Logging into your social media accounts and seeing stunning feedback from clients and readers who are overwhelmed at your writing prowess.
– Becoming known as an influential writer home and abroad such that big brands want you as their consultant.
– Being able to write effortlessly so much that when people complain about writer’s block, you wonder what they are talking about.
– The possibility of you helping others to fulfill their writing dreams through your own writing skills.
– Being your own boss without having to worry about the mood a boss brings from his home, or a supervisor transferring aggression to you.
– Going for vacations at your own convenient time: observing picnics with family and friends using your funds.
– Getting luxuries of life for yourself and loved ones from the proceeds of your writing investment. 
• You do not even know if you have the writing skill.
• Today, there’s something to write about, tomorrow, muse is lost.
• You know you have the writing skill, people affirm it, but you can’t even find yourself. 
• You’ve started writing your book, but finishing it has been a problem.
• You’re scared of not being good enough even though you know you can be better.
• You have all the skills but you’re not getting the results you want. 
• You’re finding it hard to carve a writing niche for yourself. 
• You haven’t yet built an authority in the writing field despite the several years of being a writer.
• You’ve published books but feedback are not astounding enough to write new ones.
• You end up confusing your readers with good cover, ill structure—great idea, and bad title. 
• You’ve been following mentors for years yet find it hard to be an influencer in writing.
Emmanuel Olatunji, popularly known as The Exceptional Being, used to be crude in writing. He never even knew that one could make money and build influence from writing. 
He wrote to some magazines and blogs, but met rejection. His writing style was termed  unprofessional.
Nevertheless, he didn’t stop. For several years, he continued to consistently post his articles on Facebook. Although he never profited from his skill then, he’d developed serious passion for it. 
Then there was a period he realised he needed to improve his skill. So, he started taking trainings. 
As he kept writing and improving himself, he discovered the real strategies to improve one’s writing skill, build influence from it and also profit from it. These processes are what you will learn in this masterclass. 

This Course Builds Your Influence in Writing and Helps You Become an Effective Writer…


Each Module Contains A Step-By-Step Guide, Strategies, Formulas, Templates And Activities That Will Help You Achieve Results.


  • Get To Understand Your Writing Purpose.
  • Learn How To Build Your Writing Passion.
  • Understand How To Get Consistent In Writing.
  • Learn The Core Principles Of Writing.
  • Understand The Power Of Storytelling And How To Leverage It.
  • Learn Exactly How To Become Effective In Writing.

Read What Philip Emmanuel, Romantic Relationship Expert, Said After Taking This Course:

“I TELL YOU THE TRUTH AND I LIE NOT “It was such an honour to be part of this course. “Prior to the training, I thought writing to stardom was just for certain people. But now, I understand better that anyone can become an influential and remarkable writer if he or she understands the dynamics. “The time-tested and rock-solid principles shared in the course of the intensive training is capable of catapulting even the crudest writer to the top. “As a matter of fact, attending this training was one of the most profitable and valuable investments I’ve made. It is an investment that’s already yielding profit. “If you also want to learn how to improve your writing skills the course is a must for you.”

Read What Festus Oguekwe, A Real Estate Consultant Also Said:

“I’ve participated in this masterclass and I must confess that enrolling for the class is one of the best things that happened to me this year. “I got the “Wow” experience when I learnt about writing purpose and writing pitch in relation to how your life purpose affects both. “The assignments and tasks given were mind-stimulating, and they helped expand my thinking capacity. I am now fired up to apply what I learnt to become exceptional in my niche. “If you want to gain clarity and mastery in the art of writing, then don’t hesitate to enrol for the class.”


  1. You’ll get access to other writers of different classes and niches.
  2. You’ll get chances to assess yourself as you learn through activities.
  3. Get lifetime access to the materials.
  4. Meet people you may collaborate with on writing.
  5. Learn at your own pace and space.
  6. With just internet connection, learn life-changing strategies.
  7. You’ll get pragmatic solutions to the difficult writing challenges you’ve been having all the while. 
  8. You’ll get certified after the successful completion of your course. 

Mrs Oluwafolakemi Ibidokun Has Also Participated In The Masterclass And She Said:

“The Effective Writing Mastery is a course like no other. TEBEBA knows her onions when it comes to the art of writing and how you can profit from it. “Not only do they practically hold one you by the hand to teach the nitty-gritty involved in the art of writing, they also teach how to monetise this art. “You need not be a writer to benefit from the this training; all you need have is love and passion for the craft. “I learnt a great deal in the class and I strongly recommend this training programme for anyone who wants to maximize this craft and profit from it. “The training is worth every penny spent and it’s an investment you will benefit from for a lifetime.”

Joseph Theophilus Kehinde, Author, My Purpose My Drive Has This To Say About This Course...

“Initially, I underrated this course as I already categorised it with some online classes where moneymaking is just the aim; but I was disappointed with myself as the class was a different one entirely. “What I expected was not what I saw. My expectation for the class wasn’t so high due to what I’d experienced in some other classes. But the first day of the training was what changed my life entirely. “Today, I’m not just a writer, but a celebrated one with impact. The goals gotten from this class were gaining of clarity, building of influence and making of money from writing. “After the training, this class brought me to limelight as a writer. Although you may not understand that point; because before I attended this class, I had no idea that I could be paid all the way from Germany just for my writing skills. “After the training and putting all lessons to practice, I began to discover new things that even Google can’t produce for me. I initially thought that the fee was high but after the training, I realised that if it had been much more, I would have still paid for it. The value the Masterclass added to me was so strong that it provoked me to take my writing skills seriously. On a final note, I’m glad to tell you that I am now a 6-figure writer. Thank God for the course. If you truly want to become an effective writer and make money from writing, I recommend this course for you.”


Price: 6,500 Naira ONLY

Daniel Agbodjah From Ghana Also Participated In The Course And Has This To Say...

“THIS CLASS CHANGED HOW I VIEWED WRITING “It beat my imagination when I heard that one could make money from writing. It took this class to change the way I thought about the whole thing. “The principles and practices taught in this class will transform your writing skills and make you a writer with purpose, passion and consistency. Registering for the course was an investment I was glad to make. If you want to improve and add value to your writing skill, this class is for you.”


If you implement one of the strategies taught in this class and you become a master and professional writer, by the time you implement other strategies, you will definitely be able to achieve more through the course. 

Read what JUSTINA OLABISI said after taking the course:



Yes, you can. This course will help you learn how to write effectively.

Yes, you can. The course will help you build your writing passion.

Once you register for the course, you have a lifetime access to it.

Yes! If you apply all the important strategies taught.

Yes, it does. The practical strategies taught in the course is applicable to all kinds of writing niches.

Yes, once you’ve paid, you have access to the course twenty four/seven.

Yes, there are questions and answers section in every module in the course.

Go ahead and take this course now

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