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Fiction is almost invisible, if not actually. The main purpose of the writer is to make the reader feel it, see it, touch it, taste it and hear it, though it’s actually all a figment of someone’s imagination.

Now, as writer, your obligation is to get the mind of the reader on your piece, firstly, because the reader is not entitled at any length to read your work.

Secondly, there are several other books to be read in the world, as a matter of fact, at a point I’d thought writers are approximately more than readers out there.

So how do I, a reader, get your name as an author at the top my mind? It’s simply how creative and remarkably organized you’ve made your cock and bull story realistic to me.

How I can actually relate to it and compare it with possible realities? Or even if it’s just a fantasy, what then would glue me to each page I flip?

The main aim of this class is to segment the compounds of fiction into their different parts, so you know where the spice comes from and when it is ready to be served.

Writing fiction, according to Neil Gaiman, “is like driving through the fog with one headlight out. You can’t see very far ahead of yourself. But every now and again, the mist will clear.” The funny thing is, you’re writing the conscious part of the story and the subconscious part of it, you are responsible for the presence of both feelings.

How do you create it?